Effective February 1, 2021

Airport Dispatch Respects User Privacy

1. Information Airport Dispatch Collects

Airport Dispatch collects minimum information needed to provide service:
  • Phone Numbers
  • IP Addresses
  • User Messages User Chooses to Provide for Service

2. No Sharing of Personal Data with Third-Parties

Unless required by law, Airport Dispatch does not share any data with third-parties not necessary for a specific service request by User.

3. Change or Delete Data

Users may change their data by resubmitting a form. All collected data is securely maintained and routinely deleted within 90 days of collection, unless there is a specific reason to keep data such as continued contact needed with User.

4. No Tracking or Cookies

Airport Dispatch does not use cookies or track User accross other websites. Thus, there are no settings for do not track requests.